In addition to adjustments of our own products, we also offer services to customers, who need to dye, adjust, or refine grey material in any other way for further processing -
mainly knitted fabrics from polyester, polyamide or cotton yarns, or mixtures thereof including knitted fabrics with elastomers.

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In recent years we have invested in modernizing dyeing and processing technologies and the purchase of new dyeing apparatuses, which enable us to meet the demanding requirements of our customers. We offer a choice of colours from our selection, or we can create a sample of a shade according to the customer’s specifications or the international PANTONE colour chart.

We offer our clients the following:

  • Washing
  • Bleaching and brightening
  • Dying
  • Tensioning and fixation
  • Final finishes
  • Classification and adjustment
  • Winding on a roll