3D textile

Properties of a 3D knitted fabric

  • Higher permeability - circulation of air between the knitted fabric surfaces
  • Low weight to volume ratio
  • Does not absorb moisture (easy moisture transport)
  • Perfect flexibility = high level of reversible deformation
  • Easy workability
  • Anti-allergic and not harmful to health
  • Does not promote prevalence of mites and moulds

Technical specification - 3D

  • 3D knitted fabrics are made of 100% PES.
  • Knit rigidity may be affected by structure, density, and used monofilament
  • Adjustable distance – from 3 to 23 mm
  • It is possible to change structure type, thereby creating more open or enclosed structure
  • Lower distances (3 - 6 mm) may be cut up to strips of 6 to 50 cm or supplied by meter in width of 200 to 235 cm
  • Product may also be cut up to shapes of different dimensions – e.g. 90 x 200 cm. The cutting surfaces are cleaned by sealing.
  • Colour range – made of grey warp; possibility to use black warp for selected designs.


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